Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia Pudding

This post is to remind me just how easy updating my blog can be – and to remember the fact that I actually REALLY freaking enjoy blogging. Yep, my son is now nearly… Continue reading

OVO – Cirque du Soleil in Brisbane

When I was 14 a travelling circus set up camp in a big park just down the road from my house. There were all sorts of animals including lions, horses, dogs and elephants.… Continue reading

Variety of Chefs Ball menu revealed!

Variety’s ‘Great Eight’ Chefs reveal menu for June 16 event at the Hilton. Entrée # 1 Jeremy Clark – Hilton Brisbane Sous vide spanner crab, fennel and citrus salad Hajime Horiguchi – Wasabi… Continue reading

Tea is the new coffee – MayKingTea

Tea is the new coffee, so says May King Tsang. And if you spend a little bit of time around her, her energy and passion for the brew may well rub off on… Continue reading


Sometimes the best things in life are free. It’s such a beautiful day today, a slight crispness to the air, blue skies. And you know it’s a gorgeous day outside when you hear… Continue reading

The power of Twitter for customer service and help desks.

I am a major advocate of social media being used in business, especially twitter. Gone are the days where one used it simply to stalk one’s favourite celebrity. It can now be used… Continue reading

My man cub

Hello! Long time no see, etcetera etcetera… 😉 Our family is complete! Mumma Pappa Bear Miss3 … And the Man Cub. He came into the world 8 days after he was expected, after… Continue reading

Apricot Tart

Yum!! I just had to share this quick, sweet delight with you! Ingredients A piece frozen puff pastry 3 tbsp almond meal 10 tinned apricot halves 1 tsp Vanilla bean paste 1 tbsp… Continue reading

The drought and flooding plains.

I used to love the rain. The soft pitter patter on the roof would bring relief from a hot, sticky day. It would wash away the drought-induced dust that would cling to the… Continue reading

The Great Australian Bite: Chip Butties

It’s Australia Day today, and as it is most important that you aren’t seen as Un-Australian (whatever that means) by your peers, today for lunch we had chip butties. They’re probably not the… Continue reading