The Great Australian Bite: Chip Butties


It’s Australia Day today, and as it is most important that you aren’t seen as Un-Australian (whatever that means) by your peers, today for lunch we had chip butties.
They’re probably not the most Aussie food you can get but they do involve many empty calories and a very large portion of tomato sauce, and that, my friends, constitutes true blue Aussie tucker for me.

Let me take you through the chip buttie / Australia Day process.

1. Wake up way too late and praise the gods it’s a public holiday
2. Turn on the radio to Triple J and listen to the hottest 100 in either a bikini and sarong or for the men a pair of boardies and an apron. This goes for if you have a pool and BBQ or not.
3. Listen for tummy rumbles and start said BBQ
4. Or… If you’re like us, mosey on down to the nearest strip mall and grab a serve of chips and a fresh loaf of pearly white bread.
5. Butter that bread, choose a handful of chips that fit geometrically perfectly on half the bread, smother it all in more tomato sauce than you think you need.
6. Fold the bread in half, eat half-perched over the chip paper on the loungeroom floor.

Happy Australia Day mate.