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The drought and flooding plains.

I used to love the rain. The soft pitter patter on the roof would bring relief from a hot, sticky day. It would wash away the drought-induced dust that would cling to the… Continue reading

Vanuatu – Turtles Bay and the coolest taxi driver in the universe.

On our 2nd day in town we caught a taxi, and as most taxi drivers do, suggested that he would be the best person to show us around town for the rest of the trip…… Continue reading

Vanuatu – Lelepa Island. A day of balance.

During our week in Vanuatu we left our plans very open to see what took our fancy. We spent most of the time discovering it all ourselves but decided to do one organised day… Continue reading

Vanuatu – a dream family holiday destination

I got a random email from my mum a couple of months ago: 5 nights in Fiji inc. airfares. $900 each. Within about 30 seconds of receiving that email my mind was made up.… Continue reading

Cow – Byron Bay

Have you ever looked into the big, brown eye of a cow? They are so gentle, with big long lashes. 🙂

Vapur – A clever way to carry water

Australians waste more than $ 1/2 billion per year on bottled water. I have to admit I do buy bottled water when I’m caught out without some trusty H2O handy. But I’m beginning to feel worse each… Continue reading

Cloudland – New Feasting Menu and FIRST EXCLUSIVE look at a new room!

Last week I was invited to Cloudland to taste their new Feasting Menu – a selection of casual, tapas style dishes that would be perfect for snacking on while having a drink or… Continue reading

Good morning, how are you? It’s nice to see your face

The Gold Coast. The Spit. 3:45am wake up call.  7 work mates all armed with cameras. One glorious sunrise.

Map of Tasmania

In January this year my friends Julia, Chloe and I enjoyed a brief getaway to Conningham on the outskirts of Hobart. This is what we saw… Delicious Cherries Baby Apples – tiny little… Continue reading