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Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia Pudding

This post is to remind me just how easy updating my blog can be – and to remember the fact that I actually REALLY freaking enjoy blogging. Yep, my son is now nearly… Continue reading

Tea is the new coffee – MayKingTea

Tea is the new coffee, so says May King Tsang. And if you spend a little bit of time around her, her energy and passion for the brew may well rub off on… Continue reading

Apricot Tart

Yum!! I just had to share this quick, sweet delight with you! Ingredients A piece frozen puff pastry 3 tbsp almond meal 10 tinned apricot halves 1 tsp Vanilla bean paste 1 tbsp… Continue reading

15 tips for dressing through pregnancy and beyond – on a budget!

A few weeks ago Sandi from and I swapped blogs for a day – you can read about her fantastic budget and empty-fridge friendly recipes here and be sure to check out… Continue reading

Guest Post: Chris Johnson – Brisbane’s own Mentalist

I’m completely intrigued by anyone who can read minds, see auras or future events, understand the unseen world. I don’t get it. It makes sense to me that people can have these abilities,… Continue reading

Dave Matthew’s Band – The dreaming tree

Standing here the old man said to me “Long before these crowded streets here stood my dreaming tree”. Below it he would sit for hours at a time. Now progress takes away what… Continue reading

Pregnancy – The Pros and Cons

To some of you this will come as a surprise, but for most of my readers:  namely my twitter peeps, facebook flock, and my mum – you guys already know! 😉 I am… Continue reading

Cow – Byron Bay

Have you ever looked into the big, brown eye of a cow? They are so gentle, with big long lashes. 🙂

Vapur – A clever way to carry water

Australians waste more than $ 1/2 billion per year on bottled water. I have to admit I do buy bottled water when I’m caught out without some trusty H2O handy. But I’m beginning to feel worse each… Continue reading

Grilled Asparagus with Firm Pecorino

This is one of my favourite ways to eat asparagus. They are tender from boiling them, and crispy and smoky from the grilling. Grilling tends to bring out the best in asparagus. I… Continue reading