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Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia Pudding

This post is to remind me just how easy updating my blog can be – and to remember the fact that I actually REALLY freaking enjoy blogging. Yep, my son is now nearly… Continue reading

Variety of Chefs Ball menu revealed!

Variety’s ‘Great Eight’ Chefs reveal menu for June 16 event at the Hilton. Entrée # 1 Jeremy Clark – Hilton Brisbane Sous vide spanner crab, fennel and citrus salad Hajime Horiguchi – Wasabi… Continue reading

Tea is the new coffee – MayKingTea

Tea is the new coffee, so says May King Tsang. And if you spend a little bit of time around her, her energy and passion for the brew may well rub off on… Continue reading

Apricot Tart

Yum!! I just had to share this quick, sweet delight with you! Ingredients A piece frozen puff pastry 3 tbsp almond meal 10 tinned apricot halves 1 tsp Vanilla bean paste 1 tbsp… Continue reading

The Great Australian Bite: Chip Butties

It’s Australia Day today, and as it is most important that you aren’t seen as Un-Australian (whatever that means) by your peers, today for lunch we had chip butties. They’re probably not the… Continue reading

Almond Blueberry Pancakes

Cravings. Beetroot Lemon juice Crushed ice French vanilla sugar coated almonds Coffee frappe (like you would not believe!) Smoothies Pancakes. Crepes.  Pikelets.  Hot cakes. Okinomiyaki. Korean savoury pancake…pretty much anything that has flour, egg and can… Continue reading

Nuttalina: Nutella Espresso. Italy at its finest… and gooiest.

“I’ll have a cappucino please.” “Sure, I’ll leave you to peruse the menu before I take your lunch order” ….. “WAIT! Can I have the Nuttalina instead?!” “Sure!” Wow. I’m glad I did… Continue reading

I have OCD – Obsessive Chopping Disorder ;)

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a messy person. My house is littered with toys and clothes. I don’t make the bed. It takes me ages to find a pair of matching socks,… Continue reading

Be still my geeking heart!! Quidditch Match in Brisbane

Got nothing planned this Sunday? GOOD.  You’re going to a Quidditch match my friend. A real one. No broomsticks – that’s the downside.  But still very very geekingly awesome. It’s at New Farm… Continue reading

Vapur – A clever way to carry water

Australians waste more than $ 1/2 billion per year on bottled water. I have to admit I do buy bottled water when I’m caught out without some trusty H2O handy. But I’m beginning to feel worse each… Continue reading