Apricot Tart


Yum!! I just had to share this quick, sweet delight with you!

A piece frozen puff pastry
3 tbsp almond meal
10 tinned apricot halves
1 tsp Vanilla bean paste
1 tbsp Raw sugar
2 tbsp Glayva Liqueur (or any fruity liqueur)
Egg wash (egg yolk whisked with a dash of milk)
Ice cream to serve

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees or 160 fan forced, preheat a flat baking tray
2. Put puff pastry on a sheet of baking paper, cut corners off to make a round
3. Sprinkle almond meal into the centre, leave an inch around the edges
4. Place apricot halves on almond meal, cut side up
5. Smear vanilla paste around the edge of the pastry
6. Pour liqueur over apricots with a spoon
7. Sprinkle over sugar
8. Fold up edges of pastry in a devil-may-care fashion.
9. Egg wash it
10. Pop it in the oven for a about 30 minutes. You want it to be firm and crisp on the bottom, so it needs a bit of time
11. Dust with icing sugar, cut and serve with ice cream

Serves 2-4 people.