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OVO – Cirque du Soleil in Brisbane

When I was 14 a travelling circus set up camp in a big park just down the road from my house. There were all sorts of animals including lions, horses, dogs and elephants.… Continue reading

Variety of Chefs Ball menu revealed!

Variety’s ‘Great Eight’ Chefs reveal menu for June 16 event at the Hilton. Entrée # 1 Jeremy Clark – Hilton Brisbane Sous vide spanner crab, fennel and citrus salad Hajime Horiguchi – Wasabi… Continue reading

Tea is the new coffee – MayKingTea

Tea is the new coffee, so says May King Tsang. And if you spend a little bit of time around her, her energy and passion for the brew may well rub off on… Continue reading

The power of Twitter for customer service and help desks.

I am a major advocate of social media being used in business, especially twitter. Gone are the days where one used it simply to stalk one’s favourite celebrity. It can now be used… Continue reading

The drought and flooding plains.

I used to love the rain. The soft pitter patter on the roof would bring relief from a hot, sticky day. It would wash away the drought-induced dust that would cling to the… Continue reading

Rejoice! Brisbane Concert Choir’s Christmas Album

I am very proud to announce that the Brisbane Concert Choir, of which I am a member,  has released a CD “Rejoice at Christmas”, jam packed full of Christmas music – some of your… Continue reading

Guest Post: Chris Johnson – Brisbane’s own Mentalist

I’m completely intrigued by anyone who can read minds, see auras or future events, understand the unseen world. I don’t get it. It makes sense to me that people can have these abilities,… Continue reading

Dave Matthew’s Band – The dreaming tree

Standing here the old man said to me “Long before these crowded streets here stood my dreaming tree”. Below it he would sit for hours at a time. Now progress takes away what… Continue reading

Sniffle Co. – Jewellery designed by John Patterson

One of my long time passions is good design. I have a degree in Industrial Design and even though I don’t work in that field these days I enjoy seeing local businesses designing and creating beautiful… Continue reading

Brraaaiiinns! – Brisbane Zombie Walk 2011

The next Brisbane Zombie Walk is on Sunday the 23rd October – mark it in your diaries!! An absolutely brilliant event for photographers and ghouls alike. All proceeds from the event benefit the… Continue reading