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Children’s photography: Lens Bling

What a fun idea for children’s photography. Often I’ve heard of photographers shaking a toy next to the camera, clicking their fingers and doing all sorts of ridiculous cooing noises to get a… Continue reading

Guest Post: Chris Johnson – Brisbane’s own Mentalist

I’m completely intrigued by anyone who can read minds, see auras or future events, understand the unseen world. I don’t get it. It makes sense to me that people can have these abilities,… Continue reading

Be still my geeking heart!! Quidditch Match in Brisbane

Got nothing planned this Sunday? GOOD.  You’re going to a Quidditch match my friend. A real one. No broomsticks – that’s the downside.  But still very very geekingly awesome. It’s at New Farm… Continue reading

Nerds Unite! – Periodic Table Shower Curtain

My daughter had a massive poster of the periodic table next to her nappy table. Every time we’d change her nappy she’d then hop up and look at the elements. By the time… Continue reading

The Minutes with Mel and Patience. A podcast.

  It’s like sitting at the dining table with old friends in a breezy Queenslander and having a good chat, a cup of tea and organic doughnuts – such is the easy banter between Melinda Buttle,… Continue reading


For the mummas and the pappas playing at home that have watched Madagascar 1 and 2 as often as I have – this will appeal no end. 😉