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The power of Twitter for customer service and help desks.

I am a major advocate of social media being used in business, especially twitter. Gone are the days where one used it simply to stalk one’s favourite celebrity. It can now be used… Continue reading

The drought and flooding plains.

I used to love the rain. The soft pitter patter on the roof would bring relief from a hot, sticky day. It would wash away the drought-induced dust that would cling to the… Continue reading

Guest Post: Chris Johnson – Brisbane’s own Mentalist

I’m completely intrigued by anyone who can read minds, see auras or future events, understand the unseen world. I don’t get it. It makes sense to me that people can have these abilities,… Continue reading

Pregnancy – The Pros and Cons

To some of you this will come as a surprise, but for most of my readers:  namely my twitter peeps, facebook flock, and my mum – you guys already know! 😉 I am… Continue reading

I love you.

Mummahood – spending time with the kidlet

I absolutely enjoy being a mumma and spending time with my daughter, but quite often, especially recently, I get home from work and collapse on the couch, exhausted. Last week I got to… Continue reading

The defining moment of my mummahood

Most of the time when it comes to being a mum I feel like an oversized kid bumbling my way through and sorting things out without really knowing what I’m doing, and mostly… Continue reading

Gotye and Kimbra – Somebody that I used to know

The slow eking simmer of the first verse. It builds to reveal hurt and anguish. And then the retort – a searing, soaring mezzo-soprano. And all this juxtaposed by a strangely chirpy, sampled… Continue reading

Big and getting bigger.

Today I read in the news that an Arizonan woman and single mother of two, Susanne Eman, has made it her goal to become the fattest woman to have ever lived. She is now… Continue reading

Mummahood – the proud moments

We drove to Sandgate last weekend for a stroll on the water front and the traditional fish and chips in the park. When at the shop waiting for our order our 2 year… Continue reading