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Brraaaiiinns! – Brisbane Zombie Walk 2011

The next Brisbane Zombie Walk is on Sunday the 23rd October – mark it in your diaries!! An absolutely brilliant event for photographers and ghouls alike. All proceeds from the event benefit the… Continue reading

Blog-tastic. Dear Photograph. Lulz

I can’t stop laughing. Dear Photograph, Remember when we decided to see if shrink wrap would hold my brother  Joe to a tree? This made us laugh so much! Annie Enderle

The Minutes with Mel and Patience. A podcast.

  It’s like sitting at the dining table with old friends in a breezy Queenslander and having a good chat, a cup of tea and organic doughnuts – such is the easy banter between Melinda Buttle,… Continue reading


For the mummas and the pappas playing at home that have watched Madagascar 1 and 2 as often as I have – this will appeal no end. 😉