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15 tips for dressing through pregnancy and beyond – on a budget!

A few weeks ago Sandi from and I swapped blogs for a day – you can read about her fantastic budget and empty-fridge friendly recipes here and be sure to check out… Continue reading

Children’s photography: Lens Bling

What a fun idea for children’s photography. Often I’ve heard of photographers shaking a toy next to the camera, clicking their fingers and doing all sorts of ridiculous cooing noises to get a… Continue reading

I love you.

I have OCD – Obsessive Chopping Disorder ;)

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a messy person. My house is littered with toys and clothes. I don’t make the bed. It takes me ages to find a pair of matching socks,… Continue reading

Sniffle Co. – Jewellery designed by John Patterson

One of my long time passions is good design. I have a degree in Industrial Design and even though I don’t work in that field these days I enjoy seeing local businesses designing and creating beautiful… Continue reading

Tree Bed

What do you think of this bed? It’s completely faux – not a piece of dead wood in sight. I love it in this outdoor setting – it’s absolutely gorgeous! But I can imagine… Continue reading

Geeky Talons – Newspaper Nail Art

I’m not usually a big fan of nail art – I very rarely wear nail polish, mainly because my nails are wider than they are long! But I REALLY like this idea. How… Continue reading

Be still my geeking heart!! Quidditch Match in Brisbane

Got nothing planned this Sunday? GOOD.  You’re going to a Quidditch match my friend. A real one. No broomsticks – that’s the downside.  But still very very geekingly awesome. It’s at New Farm… Continue reading

Vapur – A clever way to carry water

Australians waste more than $ 1/2 billion per year on bottled water. I have to admit I do buy bottled water when I’m caught out without some trusty H2O handy. But I’m beginning to feel worse each… Continue reading

Cloudland – New Feasting Menu and FIRST EXCLUSIVE look at a new room!

Last week I was invited to Cloudland to taste their new Feasting Menu – a selection of casual, tapas style dishes that would be perfect for snacking on while having a drink or… Continue reading