Almond Blueberry Pancakes


  • Beetroot
  • Lemon juice
  • Crushed ice
  • French vanilla sugar coated almonds
  • Coffee frappe (like you would not believe!)
  • Smoothies
  • Pancakes. Crepes.  Pikelets.  Hot cakes. Okinomiyaki. Korean savoury pancake…pretty much anything that has flour, egg and can be cooked in a fry pan.

I’m a bit slap dash when it comes to pancakes these days. I rarely follow recipes. But one thing to remember is the ‘golden triangle of pancake making’, made famous by Jamie Oliver:

1 egg

1 cup flour

1 cup of milk.

From this combination there are a plethora of vaiations on this theme so you can make all sorts of pancakes! Here are just a few ideas:

Crepes: Add more milk

Pikelets: Use self-raising flour, a sprinkling of vanilla sugar and less milk

Savoury Korean pancakes: Use water instead of milk, add julienned vegetables, salt and pepper. Serve with a soy-based dipping sauce.

Here is a variation using almond meal and wholemeal flour. Mainly because I ran out of plain flour and only had a small handful of wholemeal flour left. 🙂


2/3 cup of wholemeal, self raising flour

1/3 cup of almond meal

1/2 tsp bicarb soda

1 tsp vanilla bean paste (with all those lovely seeds)

1 tbsp sweetener (sugar, golden syrup, honey, anything you want)

1 egg

1 heaped tbsp plain greek yoghurt…

2/3 cup milk

a handful of frozen blueberries


1. With exception of the blueberries, mix ALL the ingredients together in a big bowl, whisk it up to a smooth batter

2. Add the blueberries and fold in gently

3. Heat a non-stick frypan to medium/high heat. Add a little butter and a little olive oil. (this will stop the butter from burning)

4. Add 3 spoonfuls of batter (I like to make them slightly ‘almond’ shape for this recipe) , wait until there are many bubbles on the top of the pancake and flip over. Cook until cooked through

5. Serve with extra blueberries, syrup and greek yoghurt.