Nuttalina: Nutella Espresso. Italy at its finest… and gooiest.

“I’ll have a cappucino please.”

“Sure, I’ll leave you to peruse the menu before I take your lunch order”


“WAIT! Can I have the Nuttalina instead?!”


Wow. I’m glad I did change my order. The barista pulled a small, strong espresso shot with ample crema hovering above the dark brew, riding up the sides of the ceramic cup. Then, a small teaspoon of nutella scraped from the jar was plopped straight into the black liquid.

Served with the teaspoon in place it took a good couple of minutes of stirring to have the nutella melt into the espresso. It was thick, gooey, chocolate, hazlenut, coffee – all flavours complimenting each other. And not overly bitter or sweet.

Essentially, it’s the perfect cuppa for anyone who has a voracious appetite for eating nutella straight off the spoon. 😉

This was found at Delicatezza, a deli/cafe in Blackwood St, Mitchelton. It is, hands down, the best little cafe in the suburb. Attention to detail, friendliness and a heavy hand with fresh, aromatic herbs in their meals all make this place shine. (they’re also on Facebook!)