Rejoice! Brisbane Concert Choir’s Christmas Album

I am very proud to announce that the Brisbane Concert Choir, of which I am a member,  has released a CD “Rejoice at Christmas”, jam packed full of Christmas music – some of your favourite christmas carols and number of gorgeous obscure pieces based on the Christmas story.

We recorded this late last year with Debra Shearer-Dirie as conductor and musical director. This year with study and pregnancy taking up a bit of my energy I have not had time to attend choir, but plan to get back to it in the new year after bubba number 2 arrives.  I have been a member of choirs ever since I was 15. I am a proud second soprano – see, we get to reach all the soaring high notes, and the beefy low notes too – we’re jacks of all trades. 😉 To fill you in, if you’re not a choir girl priss like me, this will give you an idea of the distinct ‘SATB Choir Personalities’ that can be found in a Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass (SATB) choir.

In the Courier Mail today our CD was listed in the Guide to the best five christmas albums!

Here’s an excerpt of what Patricia Kelly from CM had to say about the album:

Shearer-Dirie has given this community choir a disciplined, professional edge that lights up traditional carols Deck the Halls, Lullay my Liking, God rest you merry, gentlemen, Silent Night, etc.

Pianist John Woods accompanies some, most are a cappella. Harmonies are beautifully graded, in  upbeat tracks, or in reflective pieces such as Away in a Manger and Porkell Sigurbjornsson’s ravishing Hymn to Mary. BCC is blessed with basses  whose deep “drone” tones are a music director’s dream.


The CD is available for sale from the Brisbane Concert Choir’s website, where you can also find small sound bites of most of the tracks on the album.
Merry Christmas!