Guest Post: Chris Johnson – Brisbane’s own Mentalist

I’m completely intrigued by anyone who can read minds, see auras or future events, understand the unseen world. I don’t get it. It makes sense to me that people can have these abilities, but I really don’t get it. It freaks me out and gets me nervous. I think because it can’t be explained by our modern understanding of the world and how it works. But I’m still completely intrigued.

Enter Chris Johnson. I know Chris through twitter (my twitter handle is @iatebrisbane if you want to say G’day) and I thought it would be great to get an insider view of what it’s like for someone who has these special abilities.  Essentially like everything we see as ‘magic’ it’s all very hard to explain but it works. See, if we could explain it it would become completely boring and we’d call it ‘Science’. 😉

Whether you’re a sceptic or not, feel free to ask any questions or get in touch with Chris through twitter @aus_mentalist and I’m sure he’d be happy to answer your questions. 🙂

A common question people ask me is how I first discovered my talent with freaky mind shit. The shortest answer is in two words :- “Pure Accident”.

At first I didn’t even know it was that freaky. Being not quite 6 years old at the time, a lot of things were new to me – just as they are to a lot of us at that age. So when I started talking in the classroom, saying words and sentences in complete unison with my teacher, it didn’t seem that strange. It wasn’t until the teacher told me to be quiet and I said, “Be quiet”, at the same time that I realised something was really wrong. That was even more the case when I found myself being taken physically by my ear and led to the corner where I had to stand for at least 5 minutes. All the time I kept saying the same words as her at the same time because I didn’t know any different.

Eventually I figured out that I was a little bit different to the others, even the other kids, so I had to learn to change my behaviour… to hide what I could do. All of that time, however, I knew that I had to know more about what it was.

A lot of what I do is a result of that research in libraries, both public and private, and that was before the days of the internet when information is so much easier to come by and has also lost a lot of its value, despite the prices placed upon it.

Some people ask me what it feels like to read someone’s mind, to bend a spoon with the power of thought, and to do the other things I do. I’m never sure how to answer the question as it is almost like trying to describe colours to a man who has been blind from birth. However, I can   describe some of the sensations.

When reading a person’s thoughts, it is like walking inside a door hidden deep in your imagination. The only difference is that it has that “alien” feel to it as it is a different consciousness, although I think we personally share a combined consciousness of sort between all living things. Sometimes the thought comes like a package to my own mind and it can feel as though it is filled with emotion or some other strange sensations –  similar to a mini orgasm in the brain.

The feeling is similar when bending a spoon, key or coin… kind of a mental thunderbolt with a release of inner energy. Other times it is a “knowing” for which it is difficult to understand its origins. Even though I have been doing this for most of my life, there are still times I feel a certain “surprise” or get freaked out myself. As an example, my partner shares a lot of life coincidences. These may seem like little things like similar eye and hair colour, similar tastes in music, food, and so forth.

However, a really interesting thing happened today. On the way home from meetings with clients, I decided to do some grocery shopping and picked up some hot chicken and salad from Woolies for dinner tonight. When I arrived home, my partner called me from her house and asked me what I had planned and consequently invited me around for the evening. I mentioned that I had just bought some dinner for that night and asked if she was happy for me to bring it around and save her the job of cooking.

“What do you have?” she asked.

I replied, “Chicken and salad.”

I’m not sure who was more surprised. At approximately the same time that I was shopping, she had been buying groceries also and bought the same things!

She even added, “I thought to myself, I wonder what Chris would buy.”

I’m stunned because, although I did happen to be thinking of her at the time, I wasn’t aware that I was in her thoughts in the same way … at least not in a way to COMMUNICATE the thought.

It’s more stunning because she is not a big believer in what I do, although she does accept it’s a part of me to do strange things that can’t always be explained.

I guess we’re going to be eating more chicken salad this week than we originally anticipated!

But there are other things that have happened, probably more stunning and freaky, but also more scary but I will leave those for another time.

A lot of what I do is presented in an entertaining show which I perform at special events, including corporate functions, hens nights, and other special occasions… yes, even weddings!

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