Dave Matthew’s Band – The dreaming tree

Standing here the old man said to me “Long before these crowded streets here stood my dreaming tree”.

Below it he would sit for hours at a time.

Now progress takes away what forever took to find.

Every once in a while I’ll share with you a song that really resonates with me. The lyrics in this beauty are so precious and tell a tale of longing for days gone by, of so called progress and the sacrifices nature makes for our species.

There’s been a few times over the years that I’ve found myself sitting, watching tree loppers fell perfectly healthy trees in less than an afternoon – after the tree had taken maybe 30 years to get to the size it was. It had provided food and shelter for the birds, possums and insects of the area and also maybe food and shelter for us too – shade from the harsh Queensland sun – all to be taken away in a few short hours. And what for? Maybe to make room for a fence. Maybe the grass underneath its shady canopy wasn’t as green as it could have been. Maybe for no good reason at all.

In these moments I have openly wept. I don’t know why having a neighbourhood tree cut down affects me this much, but all I know is that this song sums it up for me.