I have OCD – Obsessive Chopping Disorder ;)

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a messy person. My house is littered with toys and clothes. I don’t make the bed. It takes me ages to find a pair of matching socks, if I bother finding a matching pair at all! I hardly ever clean up as I go when I cook. Have you even seen my hair? Naturally MESSY! I try my darndest to be neat and tidy, but blissful laziness usually wins out in the end.

But not when it comes to chopping. I am a goddamn chopping nazi! Chopping vegetables brings on my OCD… Obsessive Chopping Disorder.* 😉  I find chopping strangely soothing. It calms my breath as I focus on each chop – bringing the handle of the knife down making music on the chopping block. I put a lot of effort and pride into getting the cuts perfectly symmetrical, perfectly neat. Depending on what I am cooking I’ll take my time choosing the style and size of dice or julliene for the particular dish, because I know that the shape of that piece of carrot or zucchini will affect the end result. I will taste it.

Enter the OCD Board – a device for those afflicted with OCD to assist them by ensuring all items chopped are of a correct and goodly size, and, most importantly, exactly the same size.

The only issue is that I usually chop at a 32 to 45 degree angle to the board, rendering the horizonal and vertical lines pretty useless except for when ensuring a high standard of quality – cross-checking each piece after the process is complete. 😉

You can purchase this from Spoon Sisters.

*no offence actual OCD sufferers… you guys have it tough… but this is still a pretty awesome little play on words right here. 😉