The defining moment of my mummahood

Most of the time when it comes to being a mum I feel like an oversized kid bumbling my way through and sorting things out without really knowing what I’m doing, and mostly having a pretty good time while I’m doing it. I’m pretty sure a lot of parents feel like this most of the time. I never had much experience looking after kids before my bub came along so it was very much trial and error, with some shared experiences coming from my own childhood – remembering how my mum and dad dealt with situations with me and my sister when we were kids.

Then there are moments in time where you go into Instinctual Mother Mode. Where you get this intense feeling of motherhood and how generations of instincts, wisdom and knowledge all come together. This is my defining moment.

3 o’clock in the morning perched on my daughter’s bed, an eye-dropper full of children’s panadol in one hand and my other hand on my daughters warm forehead. And all the time uttering soft, reassuring words as she deals with her body in the throes of fever.

I always feel 110% mum in that moment. And as much as it’s so hard to see my toddler being unwell, it makes me feel so good that I can look after her, make her feel better and tell her she’s going to be ok.