Vapur – A clever way to carry water

Australians waste more than $ 1/2 billion per year on bottled water. I have to admit I do buy bottled water when I’m caught out without some trusty H2O handy. But I’m beginning to feel worse each time I purchase it – especially after watching the video below. I do have a couple of aluminium bottles that I use occasionally but they are quite heavy, cumbersome and the sound of sloshing water inside a half-filled bottle makes me want to pee!

This water-carrier design is really nifty. The idea of a soft-pack for liquids is not new – companies have been selling all sorts of goo in them for years, most recently very handy packs of baby food – but creating a water vessel that is not only collapsible, foldable and portable, but it’s been designed with enough durability to be reusable many times. And most importantly is bought as the vessel, not as a pre-packaged vessel of water, because it’s easily filled with any tap water in Australia  – it’s all potable.

I can see these being very handy on the run – being able to keep water stashed away in my bag, and when empty I could fold it and keep it tucked away in my bag – ready to be filled at any point. I can also see this as a perfect water bottle for bubs and kidlets.

Via WabiWabi

Photo by Gnet Mac from FB