The Minutes with Mel and Patience. A podcast.


It’s like sitting at the dining table with old friends in a breezy Queenslander and having a good chat, a cup of tea and organic doughnuts – such is the easy banter between Melinda Buttle, a very funny Brisbane comedian and Patience Hodgson,the effervescent front-lady of The Grates.

Melinda and I went to primary school together back in the day – Mel was studious and bookish, but certainly not a shrinking violet. My two strongest memories were Mel bringing an octagonal box of asian sweets to school one day, her dad (the notorious Barry Buttle) had got them overseas on a business trip in Asia. I thought that was particularly fancy and continental. And the other memory is Mel kicking my shins with her shiny black shoes on the wooden benches in the lunch shelter during little lunch in grade 4- I’m pretty sure it was her way of saying ‘let’s be friends’. 😉

Patience and I both used to be members of a very awesome bookclub. I love how she smiles about pretty much everything. All the time. 🙂

So I was very excited to hear that these two lovely ladies are totally like BFFs now and have launched a fortnightly podcast called The Minutes, chatting about random stuff, referencing Brisbane a lot and talking food, fashion and friends.

It’s available now on iTunes and new ones will be available every second Thursday.

Here’s the link. 🙂