Big and getting bigger.

Today I read in the news that an Arizonan woman and single mother of two, Susanne Eman, has made it her goal to become the fattest woman to have ever lived. She is now 330kg and plans to get to a whopping 730kg by the time she’s done. She has a blog  where in her bio she explains how being fat makes her feel good – she gains confidence from gaining weight, and in the paper she was quoted as wanting to ‘break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing’.

Now, I’m all for confidence gaining – I think it’s wonderful that she feels comfortable within her skin. I really wish more people would feel this way. Perhaps she finds being different from everyone else exciting (she mentions on her blog she likes the idea of rebellion). Maybe she even finds simply having a goal a good thing for her.  I do understand that some people find heftiness sexy and endearing.   However –  being fat IS a bad thing. She now cannot work because of the weight and must use a motorised scooter to move around. She’s not even yet at the half way point of the weight gain. She risks major health issues – to the point where it may leave her children without a mother. In the mean time she will be a burden to not only her family but to the health system that will have to attend to her growing list of health issues that are caused by excess weight.

Obesity is scary, and it’s completely preventable. This is the first point in our planet’s history that we are now getting sick from eating too much.  It’s cheaper to buy food with 1000’s of empty calories than nutritious food that would keep us healthy and lean. It makes no sense whatsoever, from a historical point of view, that one of the biggest health issues we have right now is excess fat on our bodies. 

Now, I’m not going to blame anyone or anything for this problem – there are many issues that cause obesity. The individual , the available food choices, marketing, sugar’s addictive qualities. I just don’t want anyone to think that obesity is a good and healthy choice. I find this case simply alarming and I hope her point of view does not sway other people into remaining unhealthy.

I hope that perhaps she may reconsider her goal. Being hefty and happy is one thing – but being the fattest woman ever, to the risk of ones health and the safety of ones children?  It’s dangerous and completely unnecessary.