I’m walking in sunshine – the best cold and flu remedy

(Beware – whingeing imminent – but it will pass!)

I’m sick at the moment. Actually, I’ve been sick with a cold 5 times in 5 months – not including the flu symptoms after my flu shot! But it’s not just me – it’s the worse flu season Brisbane has seen in a long time.  My bossman has been very generous and suggested I have 2 days off in a row – possibly realizing, even before me, that my immune system needs a rest. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day and felt like death. Today I took a different approach. I got up relatively early, made porridge and fruit for breakfast with my daughter, dropped her off at daycare and walked straight to the health store to stock up on some well-needed but very rarely used supplements and remedies.
But I think what made the biggest difference was gently strolling in the mild winter sunshine, soaking up those rays and listening to my favourite folky tunes. I bought myself some new beauty products from the pharmacy and gave myself a pedicure. Essentially I spoiled myself – and my immune system – and I feel a lot better for it. I still feel sick – but I feel like maybe – just maybe my body will heal itself this time.

Things are looking up. 🙂