Hot rods & hot babes – Greasefest 2011

I dressed up. I wore my cute little retro spectacles and my heart-polka dot camisole and everything. But I was severely underdressed for Greasefest. But not to worry – I was behind the lens for this one and enjoyed the sights before me. Gorgeous hot rods and hotted up caravans, bouffants and pettiskirts, barrel curls and red lips, skin art and brylcreem.  The clouds were even nice enough to hide the sun sometimes so I could get midday pics without intense shadow.

Next year I’ll be dressing to the nines. What a great excuse!

My husband has inherited a Desoto 1938 from his great grandad. It’s yet to be done up. Maybe one day he’ll drive it to Greasefest.

Anyone who can free-hand paint symetrically is a genius.

Sweet dash.

Matt Black

Another cup of tea? Yes please.

This was Darren’s favourite – a transformed VW Beetle, using hessian sacks for interior upholstery. Such an amazing transformation.

Perfect photo opportunity.