Oh, hello there!

iatebrisbane was our blog. After 2 years of hard work from all of us, and numerous posts, our lives changed, our priorities moved away from blogging. Julia moved to Melbourne where she is now enjoying a satisfying career. Catherine is now a new mum to a gorgeous little bundle.

I was on maternity leave when Julia asked me to join her and Catherine writing a new blog, i8b. I jumped at the chance and loved every minute of it. Then I went back to work part time, then 4 days a week, then I started studying again. I got busy. I got distracted. I actually enjoyed not taking a photo of every meal and sitting in front of my laptop for 10 + hours a week.

But I’ve missed it.

So I’m ready to do it all again. And this time on my own.

I have realised I’m good at blogging. I enjoy it and most importantly it reveals to me the beauty of life. Sharing thoughts and ideas comes naturally to me . i8b gave me, Julia and Catherine a space where we celebrated and enjoyed food. However I have many interests.

This is where MisMatch Box comes in. It will be a space where I can share my ideas on many topics. No holds barred. There will probably be a common theme of creativity in one of its forms, however, not even I know quite yet what this blog will hold. I’ll be finding out along with you.